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February 21st, 2013

10:17 pm - RPGs and a Rape Culture Controversy
I accidentally posted this in the wrong LJ. I have stopped posting to my personal LJ in favor of other sites, but I am keeping up my RPG LJ.

For this post, go to:

RPGs and a Rape Culture Controversy

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February 26th, 2012

03:35 pm - Leaving for Google Plus and Facebook
I've also been infrequent poster on here, but for now I'm moving over to Google Plus and Facebook for my life updates. It's nothing about the interface or companies - if anything I prefer LiveJournal. However, there are a lot more of my family and non-online friends on Google Plus and Facebook, and the main point of life updates is contact with them.

I'm still keeping my RPG journal on LiveJournal.

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September 14th, 2011

04:57 pm - New Job at CK-12
Today I signed my agreement to work for CK-12, a small software company that makes software for customizable textbooks for K-12 education. I'll be working as "Technical Content Coordinator" - which is a somewhat nebulous position based on my having both strong software skills (shown by my EarthLink and Yahoo! experience) and education skills (from my teaching credential and Master's degree and year of teaching at SSFHS). It's a position well-fitted for my mixed background, I think.

Certainly one thing that I learned from my teaching experience is that the basic material that you get matters a lot. At SSFHS, I had 3 sections of Chemistry and 2 sections of Integrated Science. For the Integrated Science, there wasn't a good textbook, and I came up with more tailored lesson plans. For chemistry, though, I followed the Prentice Hall textbook chapter by chapter.

In general, commonly-used textbooks come from one of two companies in Texas - and they are huge bricks much longer than most students can absorb in a single year's class. They are not well-matched to the varying state standards of what teachers are supposed to convey for a given class. There are a few nods to customization - the Prentice-Hall set included tests in format for test-making software, and gave PowerPoint in editable format. However, that customization is fairly minor. CK-12 is developing "FlexBooks" that have a much greater degree of customization.

Importantly for my personal situation, I now have a hopefully-stable job with benefits after a long break from my time at Stanford and my year as a long-term substitute.

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August 27th, 2011

08:42 pm - Thoughts on the Captain America film
I watched the recent Captain America film with my son and nephew while on vacation - which touches on an old post I did on Films adapted from comics. It does fit some of the formula I disliked, the revisited origin story that puts the hero in the real world. However, there were some differences. In the end, I liked the first half of the film and thought it set up a very interesting story - but I felt that the action-filled second half was a letdown as far as the story is concerned.

Spoilers follow...Collapse )

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August 20th, 2011

03:08 pm - End of Summer
Not technically according to sun, but school is starting for my son on Monday. After the trip to Korea, we were home for two weeks and then went to my parents place on Lake George in New York. A great time and lots of bonding among cousins. I posted some pictures here:

Lake George 2011 Pictures

My brothers-in-law are pretty handy with building, and started on a treehouse for the kids. (They helped with the assembly, which I think was Milo's first time using power tools.) Mostly there was a lot of swimming, a lot of game playing, and a lot of fixing up the houses. My sister Chyhe cooked a lot of fancy dishes for dinner - pulled pork, chicken mole, and more. We had one mini-golf + go-karts + lasertag outing for the whole gang, and Milo and Truman had movie outing to see the new Captain America movie.

I'm still job-searching, and I'm hopeful about a recent interview.

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June 27th, 2011

10:28 am - Back in California, had a great time
So Milo and I are finally back in California and horribly jetlagged. I've updated my Korea 2011 Pictures on Flickr with a bunch of pictures. Some of the more memorable bits for Milo:

Milo and I walked on top of a GIANT diorama of Seoul at the Seoul History Museum. It gave a really visceral impression of how huge Seoul is.

My cousin Suyeon and her son Jeongu went with me and Milo to the COEX Aquarium. It had excellent otters, beaver, and manatees. (I uploaded two videos from here.)

Milo and I went by ourselves to the War Memorial Museum. This was depressing in general, but he really liked the life-size turtle boat reproduction. The cannons were much smaller than we imagined, but it was really cool in general.

Lastly, his second cousins Aeran and Miran took us to Lotte World - a huge indoor amusement park, that Milo accurately described as the Korean Disney. There was a cool mirror maze, a samba dance parade and show, and a bunch more. Here are him and his second cousins in a mock balloon ride around the roof of the dome:

The most memorable thing to him, though, was that the beds in all the hotels had one really thick blanket and no thin sheets on them. It meant you were either too hot or too cold. He dealt with the food OK, with regular PBJ sandwiches and pizza as a break from rice and kim (toasted seaweed).

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June 20th, 2011

08:55 am - Back in Seoul
Hae Ahm, Milo, and I are back in Seoul. We attended my cousin Semin's wedding on Saturday, which was nice. I've posted pictures to Flickr as Korea 2011 Set.

Some highlights:

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June 14th, 2011

09:10 pm - Arrived in Korea
Milo and I have arrived in Korea now. Our first night we basically just collapsed into a hotel highly jetlagged from our trip. The next morning we flew down to Jejudo.

This is exciting for me in part because I spent a while researching Jeju for my role-playing campaign, Dragons of the Yellow Sea. So I'm full of details to pass on to Milo. He was mildly interested in the local museum and stopping to see some Mongolian horses who walked right around us. The hit of the first day, though, was "Jeju Circus World" - a seemingly small circus show, that had some spectacular hits - only hinted at in the online pics. Both of us were repeatedly picking our jaws up off the floor from some of the stuff done there. Throwing a bowl with your foot to land balanced on the head of someone behind you is one thing - doing it while on a 6-foot-tall unicycle is another.

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June 8th, 2011

11:30 pm - Finished with school
I finished up with my first year of teaching last week. I've been teaching Chemistry and Integrated Science at South San Francisco High School since November. I'm reasonably satisfied with how my first year of teaching went. I could have done a lot of things a lot better, but I give myself some credit that the first year is always rough.

Resolutions for when I teach next: Establish from the start consistent standards for behavior, study habits, and homework - and give students more of a schedule of what is coming up. I need to get better organized about keeping track of things about students, like consequences of bad behavior and such.

As a nice cap to my year at SSFHS, two of my students invited me to the Teacher Appreciation Night at their church last Friday (Iglesia ni Christo - a big Philippine church). I also met a Stanford classmate of mine there, Sara S., who had been invited by a student of hers from a nearby school. We and the other ten teachers there got dinner, and as we ate various kids performed - singing songs or reading poems. We stood up with the student who invited us, who said why they thought we were a good teacher, and the church gave each of us a big bag of goodies: paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and other office supplies. It was very sweet, and it was intriguing to see how enthusiastic a bunch of these kids were about their church.

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February 20th, 2011

11:30 am - My diploma arrived yesterday

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